Jolt9: A Simple Start

Have you started something only to have multiple false starts? I have. Repeatedly.

I've started the Jolt 9 blog project multiple times and each time I scrapped the previous code. I wasted too much time on trying to start and building tools for prototyping. I lacked focus.

This time is different. I put all my side projects into one project where there is only one focus: continually push for a minimal working state.

This blog now runs on nginx, .NET Core, and Jolt9. The code exists in the project subfolder /src/NerdyMishka.Jolt9

There is no backend. No way to easily upload photos or plugins. That will come later. I have only the bare minimum working:

  • An exported theme that I created for WordPress.
  • Store data as YAML files.
  • Pull data from YAML files.
  • Convert from markdown and serve.

.5 is better than 0. Done is better than perfect. Sometimes you do more with less.