Micro Tasks: Going Incremental

Filed under: Productivity

In modern American society, filler tasks are never ending.

Filler tasks are units of work that keep people busy while removing people from working on long terms goals that matter. In short, filler tasks are distractions.

Filler tasks make up a bulk of required work from a particular job. For people that want to live fulfilling lives, there are two ways to deal with filler tasks:

1. Find a different job.
2. Find creative ways to automate fillers tasks to free up time.

If you’re like me and choose the second option, the challenge shifts to finding time to work on the business while still accomplishing those filler tasks.

One way method that I find helpful is creating micro tasks, small bite-sized chunks for a larger task. Sometimes all you need is 15 minutes a day to move the needle forward.

To make this work effectively:

– Choose a large task that provides a significant return on investment.
– Execute microtasks daily.
– Continuously prioritize microtasks.
– Focus on the smaller microtask rather than stress over the sheer enormity of the larger goal.

Nerdy Mishka