Nerdy Mishka releases code to the public through open source projects. Nerdy Mishka’s source code is primarily found on gitlab.

The nightly builds for the projects below can be found at:

FMG – Full Metal Gnome

FMG is an assortment PowerShell modules for automation and DevOps work: such as Fmg-SqlDb, Fmg-KeePass, and Fmg-PrettyJson.

source code: Gitlab
documentation: Full Metal Gnome

Bits & Pieces

Bits and Pieces is a supplemental .NET CoreClr library for common functionality found in other frameworks such as Dual Pivot QuickSort, bit manipulation, implementation of Java’s Random.

source code: Gitlab

Go Dark

Go Dark contains crypto implementations for .NET CoreClr for Blowfish, Salsa20, and Spritz. It also includes classes for storing protected data in memory.

source code: Gitlab


DocumentFormat.KeePass is a .NET CoreClr implementation for working with the KeePass 2.0 format. This library is chromeless (contains no ui).

source code: Gitlab

Jolt 9

A cloud-first, mobile-first message platform for documenting your story. Currently in development.

source code: Gitlab