Nerdy Mishka

Nerdy Mishka is a hub around software development, DevOps, and software projects.

Who is Nerdy Mishka?

Nerdy Mishka is the mascot bear. Mishka is the diminutive form of Michael and bear in Russian. It’s an apt description of the creator of this site.

So who is Michael?

A nerd fascinated with Psychology, marketing, and technology. An avid dancer and lover of glowsticks.

I’m a former government software consultant that has done work for Mitre, Booz Allen, SIAC. Some of my best work, I can’t talk about.

I hold a B.S. in Communications with a specialization around media graphics with a minor in youth ministries (which required a few courses in pyschology). I’m a self-taught programmer and proponent of Open Source software within the Microsoft ecosystem.

I started with PHP and then dove headfirst C# before it supported IntelliSense. I have a soft spot for JavaScript, Ruby, and Overwatch.