Nerdy Mishka

Come on a mischievous journey with me.

I have much to do, much to learn, and much to share.

Bad Mishka.

Bad as in mischievous. Mishka is in the Russian diminutive form of Misha, which can be translated as bear and Michael.

The name, Bad Mishka, creates an opportunity for a mischievous, cutesy mascot and it fits the culture of the company.

A company that is fun, not afraid to task risks, yet warm, comfortable and fuzzy.

Bad Mishka’s focus is to create and share valuable content and document the journey of creating Jolt 9 and other side projects. Jolt 9 is a cloud-based content platform project that is similar to WordPress but focused on security, speed, and enabling designers.

Bad Mishka Founder

Bad Mishka is an apt description of me, so I will be going by that alias.

During the day, I’m an A.D.D. nerd that serves as an invisible linchpin at a startup. At night, I’m a dancing mad scientist that hits the gym, works on marketing, learns pyschology behind things, and crafts code to make life easier. Oh, and I’m a sucker for glow sticks and Christmas lights.

I’ve done consulting work for organizations for major government contractors and other firms along the way. I have a Bachelors of Science in Communications with an emphasis on media and a minor in youth ministry which required child pysch classes.

My degree included in learning radio, video, marketing, and web design.

My programming skills came from countless nights digging into books, working 80 hours weeks, and constantly evolving throughout my 20’s while others were out partying and socializing.

I grew up poor. I lived in trailer parks, motels with roaches, and government subsidized apartment complexes often shopping at thrift stores. I lived through all kinds of abuse, some more heinous than others. While I don’t live in the past, I will at some point share some of those experiences to help offer hope to others struggling through the same things.


At the moment, Bad Mishka only uses Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate links to fund this site.

We will transparently label ads, sponsored content, and affiliate links. We’ll keep ads to a minimum to keep the website fast and usable.

Unlike other sites on the web, Bad Mishka will never beg nor set up those annoying placeholders to ask you to turn off ad block for this site.

Bad Mishka will

  • not spam you with pop-ups or e-mail newsletters.
  • put up disclaimers for content that may be conflicts of interest.
  • not try to game you for more page views and ads.
  • not use endorse sponsors we do not believe in.

To us, Bad Mishka’s brand and its relationship with people is more valuable than money.