Azure 3.0 SDK Install Weirdness

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The Azure 3.0 SDK for Visual Studio 2015 does not create new folders for the SDK. It does not update the version number in Visual Studio 2015.

Instead, the Azure 3.0 SDK installs over some of the older 2.9.x assemblies and installs the SQL Data Lake Tools ?. After all that work Microsoft put towards only installing what you need in Visual Studio 2017, a force install of SQL Data Lake Tools is a step backward.

The other thing to note is that the modified & created dates for some SDK files are also updated.

This is partially mentioned in the 3.0 release notes.

A more in-depth explanation for the decision behind this behavior and more examples of what to expect and how to verify the update goes a long way towards mitigating customer questions and increases adoption.

These are the kind of things that Microsoft needs to improve on.

I’m applying these updates to the build server this afternoon, I’ll follow up the build server experience sometime tomorrow.


The updates to the build servers were straight forward and everything deployed smoothly, including bumping the os version for cloud services.

Nerdy Mishka