Where has the year gone?

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This last year has been a whirlwind.

My significant other and I bought a house. She started a business. I pitch in with the website and marketing guidance.

My day job has blown up over the last year. I wore too many hats. Coder, Ops, IT and the only DevOps guy at my day job.

Last 4 Months

I think the universe has been purposely testing my patience. Between 3rd technology just failing, that sense of entitlement people start to have because you’re dependable and technology savvy, and the constant construction going on next door when I work from home, I’ve done well.


Technology fails. It is built by humans, and ? happens. It is the kind of stuff that can drive people mad because its a bug that you didn’t create, but it blocks work from completion.

The late nights of doing this in my mid-twenties are paying off as those painful moments have created a sense of confidence that allows you to dig deep during those trying times. Why? Because you know someway, somehow, you’re going to figure something out, because of its what you do.

Dependability is a curse

The last four months has reminded me that dependability mixed with technology knowledge is a tricky attribute. For whatever reason, once people know you’re knowledgeable about technology it’s as if they forget things like google and trial and error exists and that you have your work that needs to be attended to and feel entitled to your time. Especially people that are nontechnical.

I don’t think people conscientiously do this, but it’s a behavior that makes you feel like shit, especially when those same people don’t otherwise contact you and its take / take kind of thing.

Breaking that cycle can be tricky. It is something that must be done because time is a valuable commodity and people will take advantage of it. Luckily, I’ve been able to reverse some of that with some help from others. Thank you. You know who you are.

Nearby Construction

Ryan Homes decided to build a wall next to house (2016, man). The wall is no more than 3 feet away without any notice, blocking the only side windows on the house.

So the last few months the house has been shaking and there has been constant hammering from 7 AM till dark each day 6 and sometimes seven days a week. No construction barrier. The employees at Ryan Homes have been nice, and all, but the lack of communication and doing the neighborly thing seems like a foreign concept when comes to construction.

When you’re a night owl, like myself, who needs to deploy apps at night, the construction has been torture and no sleeping on the weekends has been just too much, especially after some brutal work weeks.

So Ryan Homes is getting the ban hammer for the next house.

Before the last four months

Most of that just went to supporting my significant other in starting her own business and juggling different hats at the day job. The amount of change and growth has been crazy.

It has re-affirmed my belief that plans are suckers and developing fluid systems are the way to go.

People forget things, they make a lot of mistakes, and ? outside of anyone’s control just happens.

The thing that I always have to remind myself is that most of it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the things that I can control, which are my responses and choices. Some of which I did totally mess up on early on, however, I’m learning from that.


I’m going to get back to basics and blog more. Expect to see more content in the future.

Nerdy Mishka